What is the difference between creating an account for membership and registry?

Creating account for membership is to be part of the Virginia CHW community so prepare resources and training can be provided. Registry is a central website that provides information, networks and essential information for all CHW’s in Virginia.

I created a username and password when I registered, is that different from the account login?

No, the same credentials are what you will use for login to manage your account.

I just added myself to the registry but now I can't create an account.

Account registration is the same process to add yourself to the Registry. Please email info@vachwregistry.org for technical support

I just registered in the registry, why can't I find my name in the registry?

Please make sure you’re typing the same name you registered with when you hit submit. The database is case sensitive.

Why don't I see my name on the bottom of the front page under the list of registered users?

Individuals that filled out all the essential information during registration will appear.

How can make edits to my registry to make updates on my profile?

Log into your VA Registry Account and click on edit. Please email info@vachwregistry.org for technical support

What is the purpose of the Verification when searching the registry?

To prevent spam and BOT’s to registering without authorization

Can we add resources to the Resource page?

No you can’t add directly but we welcome suggestions and recommendations. Please email info@vachwregistry.org if you have any suggestion or recommendations.

How often is the training page updated?

Training page is update weekly or when urgent opportunities come up.

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